#TRAVELGUIDE | 48 Hours in the Carolinas {Part One}

Aye!! It's #AriesSeason! ♈🤗 Well not me but my S/O. 💁🏽 For his birthday, a few weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC. I thought it would cool being that he'd never had a chance to fully experience Charlotte. Plus I got us VIP tickets to got see Big K.R.I.T!! 🙌🏽 Since we … Continue reading #TRAVELGUIDE | 48 Hours in the Carolinas {Part One}


#TRAVELGUIDE | A Day At Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Spring has really been playing games lately. And I feel like #ColumbiaSC has crazy weather anyway. One day it's 65° and sunny and the next day it's windy with a high of 43°. Talk about bi-polar. 😕 But that's weather in the south for you. 🤷 Last weekend was a prime example. My family and … Continue reading #TRAVELGUIDE | A Day At Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens

#REVIEW | @MarcBeauty #SoShameless Foundation @Influenster {SPONSORED POST}

I'm so excited to be reviewing this foundation. 🤗 I received the Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look 24HR Foundation, complimentary of Influenster, a few weeks ago. And I can say that I'm impressed. 😍 I don't wear foundation too often due to my oily skin and I tend to breakout after wearing it so much. … Continue reading #REVIEW | @MarcBeauty #SoShameless Foundation @Influenster {SPONSORED POST}

#REVIEW | #SaintAndSinner @KatVonDBeauty {SPONSORED POST} @Influenster

Are you a Saint or Sinner? Introducing the new fragrance from Kat Von D Beauty #SaintAndSinner. Two totally different fragrances. 👼 #Saint is light and floral with a warm musky scent. Perfect for daytime, this one has to be my favorite. 👿 #Sinner is great for nighttime with a sultry woodsy vibe. With spicy cinnamon … Continue reading #REVIEW | #SaintAndSinner @KatVonDBeauty {SPONSORED POST} @Influenster