#SneakPeek Sheen Magazine Jersey’s & Heels Fashion Show


My second event of the year! I had such a ball participating in the Jersey’s & Heels Fashion Show Party presented by Sheen Magazine and Luv’s Showcase. It was such a great turnout! I just wanted to share some couple of photos with you guys! Just a little sneak peek. I promise to have more coming soon!





#MusicMonday Linkup

So last week I started a #NewMusicMonday series. After scooping my Bloglovin‘ last night, I realized a lot of people have series where they showcase new music and music they love. So I’ve decided to start #MusicMonday Linkup! Yay me! Do you have a music feature on your blog? Participating in link-ups are a great way to get traffic to your blog, meet new people, and gain new followers. So here’s how it will work. Every Tuesday, I’ll put up the link-up where you can add the links to your #MusicMonday post. But there are some rules. You must have #MusicMonday or #NewMusicMonday in the title of your posts. I don’t have a badge yet but you will also need to have that on your page. The Top 10 will get reposted for next week’s #MusicMonday post. I want to see where this goes so let’s link up people!

Sheen Magazine Fashion Show Party



EEEK! My second event of the year! I’m so excited because last year I had a frenzy that died down later that year, so I’m just eager to get back on the runway. I’ve had one show already this year. Nothing too big, more like a showcase but it was a good turnout. So a good photographer friend of mine asked me to be in this show, kind of a Super Bowl fashion kickoff party. It’s called the Jersey & Heels Fashion Show Party. It will be held at Skores Restaurant and Grill, 2700 Broad River Rd, Columbia, SC on Jan 29, 2015. This event is sponsored by Sheen Magazine and Luv’s Showcase. Tickets are only $10.


This will be yet another showcase for models, modeling troupes, hair and makeup artist! Some included are A Special Needs Media Models (my photographer friend), Next Level Modeling Troupe, Fiercocity Hair Company,  and Tha Monroe Effect! This should be a great turn out.

#NewMusicMonday K. Michelle #ABWBAH

#NewMusicMonday is where I can showcased what I’m listening to and which artists I’m loving at the moment.’

Right now I am LOVING K. Michelle‘s new album, “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart”. I literally have it on repeat as we speak. Released early December, you can order here. She may not be for everybody but she has a beautiful voice and a story to tell through all of her music.

My girl, Rihanna released her brand new single with Kanye West and freaking Paul McCartney. Talk about a mind blowing experience. I love RihRih and she never ceases to amaze me 😀 I can not find the song anywhere online. Sorry

Tinashe is an American singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and former model. Raised in Los Angeles, California, she began her entertainment career at the age of 3 when she began modeling and acting. She released her album, “Aquarius” in October of last year.  I must say she hasn’t disappointed me yet. Her newest single is, “Pretend” ft A$AP Rocky.


I’ve Had A Blogging Hiatus!! Now What?!

Finally coming back to my blog feels amazing! I missed my baby, my followers (you guys, of course), and just sharing things with you all in general. And after two years of not having a regular post, I’ll be honest, I find myself at a lost. I mean how can I possibly catch my readers up with all the things they missed? Why did I stop blogging in the first place? How can I get back into the groove of things?

If you are like me and just returning to the blogging world, you may also be asking yourself, what can I do to get back on track? Here are my tips for returning to your blog after a break or hiatus.

  • Discover your love for it all over again.

Rereading my old blog posts (from beginning to end) is what made me want to come back to my blog. Starting from the beginning and seeing the progression from where I ended, gave me a natural yearning to want to see more of what I could do, if I just kept going. I started to think about why I created this blog in the first place.

  • Rethink your blog approach and content

When I first started this blog, everything was different. The name was I AM ME Fashion blog and was JUST a fashion blog. Being that I AM ME has evolved into a totally different entity (my agency, I AM ME Consulting & Contracting), I had to revamp everything. So now I have a personal, lifestyle blog with various topics. I had to “shake it up”. I had to rethink my content and freshen up a little, to make sure I could come back new & improved. A 2.0 version if you will.

  • Regaining focus

Go back to the blogs you love to read. Let them motivate you. Let their blogs inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Some of my favorites are Independent Fashion Bloggers and The Daileigh, and The Queen City Style. Actually take the time to study the business of blogging and get tips from sites like Copyblogger.

  • Put your plan in motion

Write down EVERYTHING! Whatever ideas or stories you come up with, write it down. I have a notebook just for this blog. I write blog posts and articles, my to-do list and editorial calendars, tips and notes for improvement. Now I can keep all my blog related items in one place. The most important thing next is to JUST DO IT!

With that being said, I have so much new stuff in store for you. Fashion, beauty, food, culture, lifestyle, you name it. I am excited to share all the things that make up my world as I see it. Some things we my agree, some things we may not, but I promise you WILL come back for more.  I hope you will follow me on this journey called life, share your ideas and comments, and connect with me!