Sheen Magazine Fashion Show Party



EEEK! My second event of the year! I’m so excited because last year I had a frenzy that died down later that year, so I’m just eager to get back on the runway. I’ve had one show already this year. Nothing too big, more like a showcase but it was a good turnout. So a good photographer friend of mine asked me to be in this show, kind of a Super Bowl fashion kickoff party. It’s called the Jersey & Heels Fashion Show Party. It will be held at Skores Restaurant and Grill, 2700 Broad River Rd, Columbia, SC on Jan 29, 2015. This event is sponsored by Sheen Magazine and Luv’s Showcase. Tickets are only $10.


This will be yet another showcase for models, modeling troupes, hair and makeup artist! Some included are A Special Needs Media Models (my photographer friend), Next Level Modeling Troupe, Fiercocity Hair Company,  and Tha Monroe Effect! This should be a great turn out.

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