#MusicMonday Linkup

So last week I started a #NewMusicMonday series. After scooping my Bloglovin‘ last night, I realized a lot of people have series where they showcase new music and music they love. So I’ve decided to start #MusicMonday Linkup! Yay me! Do you have a music feature on your blog? Participating in link-ups are a great way to get traffic to your blog, meet new people, and gain new followers. So here’s how it will work. Every Tuesday, I’ll put up the link-up where you can add the links to your #MusicMonday post. But there are some rules. You must have #MusicMonday or #NewMusicMonday in the title of your posts. I don’t have a badge yet but you will also need to have that on your page. The Top 10 will get reposted for next week’s #MusicMonday post. I want to see where this goes so let’s link up people!

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