#PROMOLIFE | Beaufort Air Show (5 Hour Energy Promo)


Promo life! So I’ve been a promotional model for about 2 1/2 years now. Basically, companies hire me to attend shows and events to promote their product or service. I have worked for Aleve, Geico, Sports Illustrated, Allstate, Spalding, Hennessy, and SVEDKA to name a few. (To see a my complete resume, head to www.readominoj.com). For this gig, I was working 5 Hour Energy, at the Beaufort Air Show, getting people to play special games for cool prizes (like my awesome 5 Hour sunnies) and samples of the product. I had a blast!


I met these cool guys from the Navy’s Blue Angels. They had this awesome air show. I managed to get video but I have to figure out how to upload. :-/


I get to meet and interact with lots of different people. It’s a great experience.


This was a cool “Stealth” car by the Air Force. Talk about futuristic! This thing looked like it came straight out of the movies. Just more amazing things I see while working. 😀


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