#LIFE | Dealing with PCOS and Extreme Menstrual Pain

So I came across this post from xoNecole on how to know when your menstrual cramps are abnormal. It was something I'd been all too familiar with being that I've dealt with it since puberty. I have had the worst cramps that I could ever imagine. I mean nearly every month since getting my period, … Continue reading #LIFE | Dealing with PCOS and Extreme Menstrual Pain


#EVENTS| Signature Walk

Earlier this year, I was invited to talk to young aspiring models here in the Carolinas! (I totally forgot to post before the event, so forgive me). Signature Walk took place in Sumter, SC on January 16, 2016. It was such a great experience. I love sharing my experiences and stories to people with the … Continue reading #EVENTS| Signature Walk