Jordyn Woods @ BOOHOO Pop Up Shop NY!


While I was in New York, I was excited to find out that was having a meet & greet with model Jordyn Woods. She’s a curvy supermodel making changes in the modeling industry. I didn’t make it in time to actually talk to her and gain some knowledge but she was there long enough to snap a few pics, so that was cool too.


 (Sweater: Forever 21, Jeans: H&M, Boots: Shoe Dazzle, Bag: It’s Fashion)


New York State of Mind

(Jacket & Choker: Fashion Nova, Dress: Know Style,  Bag: It’s Fashion Metro,  Shoes: Shoe Porn Shoetique,  Sunglasses: Beauty Supply, Ring: Charlotte Russe

The second day of our New York trip was all about exploring. So we went to the bodega across the street to get coffee and bagels while we explored downtown DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge. 🌉 DUMBO stands for District Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, which is a mouthful so I’m glad there’s an acronym. 😩 Like literally when we walked outside, the bridge was only a couple of blocks away.

The view was AMAZING! And to think that people have the opportunity to wake up to that view everyday has me thinking of living the New York dream. I’m just not sure if I can deal with the cold weather and all those people. There’s a lot of people in Atlanta but it’s no comparison to New York. Just being able to walk outside and have something to do right around the corner is my type of living.

We explored Brooklyn Bridge Park before heading up to the bridge for pictures. I was just excited that it was going to be warmer that day so I could wear this awesome dress I got on sale! We took the water taxi across to Manhattan, which was so fun. I was upset because my phone battery died and I couldn’t snap. 😣 I also learned that walking around in heels in New York is not ideal if you will be walking around all day. Lesson learned.



While in Manhattan, we had lunch at this Irish Pub not far from Broadway. We had to walk down Wall St, which I didn’t like. With all the buildings, there was hardly no sunlight and it was much more chilly than Brooklyn. I did, however, find this beautiful chocolate and macaroon store. It was so fancy and everything looked so yummy! I grabbed a couple of macaroons to eat after lunch and get rid of my gloom of Wall St. 

Dinner was at this Persian/Egyptian hookah restaurant called HORUS on A. We met with a couple of my boyfriend’s high school friends. There was hookah, Sangria and middle eastern comfort food. There was also a belly dancer(which I didn’t get, again because my battery died)! 😣 It was so live and the energy in the place was awesome. Everybody was taking turns dancing with the belly dancer as she tried to teach people her moves. It was more of an experience than I could ask for.

Hello, New York! 🗽

So last week the boyfriend and I took a trip to his hometown, Brooklyn, New York. We went for personal reasons but being that this was my first time really exploring the city, I took the opportunity to play tourist.

I’d been to New York a couple of times, one when I was a baby. My mom took me on my first plane ride to the Big Apple. My grandmother and other family had been living there for a while, so she was very familiar with traveling there. I wanted to drive of course, but my S/O insisted on a plane. After finding out we would be in NY before 12pm, I was all for it. Mind you, this is my first plane ride as an adult. My nerves didn’t kick in until we got ready to board the plane.

The other time was when I was about 13 years old, I stayed a summer with my sister that had been living in the Bronx and was pretty much confined to that one borough (back then the other boroughs were less gentrified and a lot more dangerous).

Anyway, while we were there, we stayed with my boyfriend’s high school friend in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. Much different from what I remember (we weren’t allowed as kids to go into Brooklyn alone).

It was a cool 54 degrees when we landed which was much different from the warm temperature in Atlanta so I had to make sure I was ready. FashionNova was having an amazing sale on coats so I ordered two faux fur jackets. I was so excited to wear them.

(Hat: here, Jacket: Fashion Nova, Jumpsuit: H&M, Shoes: ShoePorn Shoetique)

Always Time For Pizza


I love exploring my new city. One of my favorite neighborhoods in Atlanta has to be Little 5 Points. All the shops and cafes are all so unique and different. It has a very creative vibe with all the graffiti walls or the occasional musician on the street.


The boyfriend and I had some time and I was craving pizza 🍕. He introduced me to a pizza shop called Little 5 Pizza.



They have New York style pizza, salads, and beer! 🍻 Good call babe. 🙄


The weather was kind of cool but with the sun out I knew wherever we went, I wanted to sit outside (which I usually want to anyway), so I made sure to layer up! 🍁🍃


 (Sweater: Forever 21, Jacket: Love Culture, Bodysuit: Forever 21, Shoes: Converse)

Photography by: Seventh Division

Atlanta ❤s Brunch: Boogalou 

 One thing I’ve learned since living in Atlanta, these Atliens love their brunch. I mean it is definitely a major thing here. With so many restaurants doing brunch, I decided to do an Atlanta Loves ❤ Brunch series. And because Saturday/Sunday mornings are best spent eating chicken 🍗 and waffles while sipping a much needed Mimosa. 

 First on the list, Boogalou Restaurant, located on popular Ponce de Leon in Atlanta. Boogalou is an urban chic restaurant and bar with beautiful chandeliers, plush seating, and swings at the bar. 😍 Yes, swings! It’s so cute and fun, sitting at those bar swings. (Especially after your 5th Mimosa 😁) 

And the food! OMG…. ☝ give me second……… 

…..OK, so for $25 you get an all you can eat buffet with bottomless mimosas and your choice of a made-to-order omelet, French toast, or a red velvet waffle. I choose the red velvet waffle, which was so fluffy you could’ve eaten it with syrup. 

 The buffet was a food lover’s dream; grits, bacon, turkey bacon & sausage (I no longer eat pork or red meat), potatoes, French toast casserole, fried chicken, pork chops, ribs, crab legs, macaroni & cheese, collard greens, roasted Turkey, cornbread, biscuits, salads, fruits and desserts including banana pudding. And I probably didn’t even get to name everything, it was so much food. And it was all so delicious! Plus bottomless mimosas with your choice of pineapple juice, cranberry juice, or the classic OJ. I tried one of each then started to mix them lol. It was definitely well worth the money. I mean really guys, if you are ever in Atlanta, you have to check this place out. 👌

So what’s the final verdict? 

Food                   🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Service              🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Atmosphere    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Overall              🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Currently #1 on my favorite Brunch list.