Star of the Show


I wore this outfit on a visit back home in Columbia. I got this shirt from the Boohoo PopUp in New York. They had 50% off your entire purchase, so it was only $8!


I got that bag on sale for $5 at It’s Fashion. I love a good deal y’all. I also got these shoes from Boohoo. At 50% off, I couldn’t pass them up.



Cold World


Southern weather always seems to surprise and confuse me. This week was a little cold and slightly rainy with temps dropping into the low 30s at night. Ironically enough, today was a sunny 63 degrees. Doesn’t feel like the first day of winter.


I originally wore this outfit in New York. We spent most of the day in Union Square Market. It was already freezing cold (to me) lol. I was really like 45 degrees but being from the South it felt like 30. I was excited because I prepared myself for the cold and it gave me a reason to shop for cute winter coats. I got this one from Fashion Nova along with this gray one. They had a sale, of course, and it was perfect timing. It was love at first sight. My favorite colors in one piece!

I’ve been wanting to bring it out again but days like this I’m like, “glad I didn’t wear that today.” Anyway, happy first day of winter! #CapricornSeason starts tomorrow. I’m hype, my birthday is right around the corner.

6 Tips For Moving To A New City


Mural in Little 5 Points in Atlanta

Hey guys. So today, I thought I would give a few tips for people interested in moving to a new city. I’ve had some experiences moving to Atlanta, so these are suggestions from my own experience. I feel like there’s a whole list of things I could give you but I tried to narrow them down so it wasn’t too long. So here’s 6 tips for moving to a new city.


  1. Research before you move.

This should be common sense but I’ll say it anyway. Research different neighborhoods and visit your city of interest (if possible) a few times. Look up who’s hiring and start applying for jobs. Search different apartments in your target area and give them a call to find out there leasing requirements and prices


2. Go to city & community websites.

Most cities, states, and even neighborhoods have websites for visitors & new residents. They have important numbers, calendars of events, and lists of places to shop, eat, or have fun.


3. Explore, explore, explore.

The best way to get to know your new city is to get out the house and go outside. Walk around your neighborhood. Take a ride through different neighborhoods. Get curious but be careful and cautious. Pay close attention to your surroundings.

4. Google is your best friend.

Like seriously, I can not stress this enough. USE GOOGLE. Google will have information on traffic, where you parked, history of your town, and places close to you with reviews. If you have to use public transportation,  you can find the schedules of the buses or trains in most major cities as well as the time to leave to catch your bus on time.

5. Move with a friend.

If you know someone that lives in the city you want to live or if you know someone who is interested in moving to the same city, see if they would be interested in being roommates. It’s always nice to have a familiar face around or someone to be in your corner if you have an emergency. Just remember the 3 C’s of Cohabitation: 1. Communication 2. Consideration & 3. Changing the empty tissue roll


4. Use Foursquare.

I love Foursquare. I use it to find everything from restaurants and coffee shops, parks and libraries, even clubs and bars. You can rate the places so the app can recommend new places for you to try, write reviews, and leave tips for people like your favorite drink at a bar or the best mountain to watch the sunset.


Most importantly, be careful and have fun. Moving to a new place can be exciting but you have to be aware of surroundings, find landmarks and get to know where you are, and pay attention. It’s a big world out there and things may not be the same in your new city as they were in your old city.

Night At The Met Museum


The one thing that I absolutely wanted to do while in New York was visit the Egyptian art in the Met Museum. I have always been fascinated by Egyptian culture, even as a kid, and began to really study it about 2 years ago. I’m just amazed by how advanced they were. Being a black woman, “AFRICAN American”, in America, I’ve always wondered about my own history and cultural ancestry.

Although we did visit other exhibits, most of my time was spent with the Egyptians.

 This is the point where I couldn’t take walking around in heels all day. After meeting Jordyn Woods, we had some free time before the museum and dinner, so we went to Times Squares. All I could think about was visiting the 3 story H&M I’d always here about in school, and finding some $20 sneakers that I could walk in. Luckily, I found these Keds on sale at Macy’s (similar here)!