#TRAVELGUIDE |48 Hours in the Carolinas {Part Two}

Welcome to part two ✌🏽 of my adventure in the #Carolinas. If you haven't read the first half already, just click here 👈🏽. The first day was all about the concert but the second day was all adventure. I had planned this little mini road trip 🚗 to finish out my S/O's birthday. First stop … Continue reading #TRAVELGUIDE |48 Hours in the Carolinas {Part Two}


#TRAVELGUIDE | Always Time For Pizza

I love exploring my new city. One of my favorite neighborhoods in Atlanta has to be Little 5 Points. All the shops and cafes are all so unique and different. It has a very creative vibe with all the graffiti walls or the occasional musician on the street. The boyfriend and I had some time … Continue reading #TRAVELGUIDE | Always Time For Pizza