Star of the Show


I wore this outfit on a visit back home in Columbia. I got this shirt from the Boohoo PopUp in New York. They had 50% off your entire purchase, so it was only $8!


I got that bag on sale for $5 at It’s Fashion. I love a good deal y’all. I also got these shoes from Boohoo. At 50% off, I couldn’t pass them up.



Jordyn Woods @ BOOHOO Pop Up Shop NY!


While I was in New York, I was excited to find out that was having a meet & greet with model Jordyn Woods. She’s a curvy supermodel making changes in the modeling industry. I didn’t make it in time to actually talk to her and gain some knowledge but she was there long enough to snap a few pics, so that was cool too.


 (Sweater: Forever 21, Jeans: H&M, Boots: Shoe Dazzle, Bag: It’s Fashion)

New York State of Mind

(Jacket & Choker: Fashion Nova, Dress: Know Style,  Bag: It’s Fashion Metro,  Shoes: Shoe Porn Shoetique,  Sunglasses: Beauty Supply, Ring: Charlotte Russe

The second day of our New York trip was all about exploring. So we went to the bodega across the street to get coffee and bagels while we explored downtown DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge. 🌉 DUMBO stands for District Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, which is a mouthful so I’m glad there’s an acronym. 😩 Like literally when we walked outside, the bridge was only a couple of blocks away.

The view was AMAZING! And to think that people have the opportunity to wake up to that view everyday has me thinking of living the New York dream. I’m just not sure if I can deal with the cold weather and all those people. There’s a lot of people in Atlanta but it’s no comparison to New York. Just being able to walk outside and have something to do right around the corner is my type of living.

We explored Brooklyn Bridge Park before heading up to the bridge for pictures. I was just excited that it was going to be warmer that day so I could wear this awesome dress I got on sale! We took the water taxi across to Manhattan, which was so fun. I was upset because my phone battery died and I couldn’t snap. 😣 I also learned that walking around in heels in New York is not ideal if you will be walking around all day. Lesson learned.



While in Manhattan, we had lunch at this Irish Pub not far from Broadway. We had to walk down Wall St, which I didn’t like. With all the buildings, there was hardly no sunlight and it was much more chilly than Brooklyn. I did, however, find this beautiful chocolate and macaroon store. It was so fancy and everything looked so yummy! I grabbed a couple of macaroons to eat after lunch and get rid of my gloom of Wall St. 

Dinner was at this Persian/Egyptian hookah restaurant called HORUS on A. We met with a couple of my boyfriend’s high school friends. There was hookah, Sangria and middle eastern comfort food. There was also a belly dancer(which I didn’t get, again because my battery died)! 😣 It was so live and the energy in the place was awesome. Everybody was taking turns dancing with the belly dancer as she tried to teach people her moves. It was more of an experience than I could ask for.

#SneakPeek Poolside with Aaron D Smalls Photography #BTS


I recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing photographer, Aaron Smalls of Aaron D Smalls Photography. It was a great experience and I had so much fun. I got to work with a full glam squad so I was beyond excited. Enjoy!


Photography: Aaron D Smalls Photography IG: @aarondsmallsphoto

Hair: REVKEV IG: @revkev223

Makeup: Beauty Amor by Shaunell Davis IG: @nellzringsbellz

Stylist: LaKera Woodberry IG: @iamdopecouture

Necklace (similar here), Bathing Suit (similar here), Eyeglasses (similar here)


 These guys wanted to take a picture with a model! LOL.